These (with many other) recommendations-and hundreds of professional endorsements-are available for reference on our LinkedIn page.

I met Leo through PAPA, The Professional Aerial Photographers Association, and have been involved with a multitude of projects with him. Leo is considered a pillar in our industry, and is widely considered the “go to” person for any and all technical advice relating to our profession. Always knowledgeable, conscientious, prompt and simply a pleasure to work with, Leo is highly “solution” oriented as well and continues to demonstrate that no task is too complicated nor involved; he will find a solution. Aside from professionally, Leo is also a true gentleman.

MB, Owner

I’ve known Leo for about 10 years and have witnessed both his community involvement and his generosity. He’s been extremely generous with a variety of charities and organizations, particularly Mission Media as well as the Boise Rescue Mission. In fact, while I was volunteering for Mission Media he provided us with a nearly new Ford Explorer. I also happen to know that he has made a great number of other anonymous contributions…

He is a man of integrity, I am glad that we are friends and I recommend him wholeheartedly!

RB, Creative Media & Systems Manager

Our company specializes in high-end visual simulations and aerial photography interpretation. Much of our work we produce for the courtroom, and there is no room for error. Idaho Airships not only meets our expectations, they surpass our expectations. Leo Geis is a true pleasure to work with. His pleasant demeanor and innovative approach to solving our problems is (refreshing). There are simply no other sources for the ability to position a camera and produce a scientific or forensic quality image like Idaho Airships…I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

JP, Visual Services Manager

Because of the quality of the (imagery) we have been able to settle actions without going to court and have saved the taxpayers of Ada County thousands of dollars as a result.  ACHD has found that documenting a project before construction, and then at different times during construction ahs provided very valuable information. The (imagery) taken before construction begins have been used as a successful tool during public information meetings…and this information has been used to resolve problems with adjacent property owners to and during construction.

KB, Engineering Manager

(Idaho Airships, Inc.’s) photography has been admissible in all District Courts and arbitration proceedings in Idaho and is of the highest Quality.

SP, Deputy Attorney General, State of Idaho

Not every person strives to be the best at their craft. Most people believe by saying it that it must be true (you know those people). Leo is obsessed at being the best; he continues to learn and gather knowledge. He challenges himself to be better than anybody and every project he touches must be as good as it could possibly be. If you are relying on Leo, you can relax, he really is the best at his craft. He has earned his credentials and he takes the test everyday, from his clients. He will over deliver every time because he takes his reputation and his work seriously.

Leo is an entrepreneur that is driven to succeed and always does the right thing by his clients. It is a pleasure to know and work with Leo on a regular basis. He makes it easy, rewarding and you will look forward to the next time as well.

TL, Founder/Owner

My experience with the work provided by Leo at Idaho Airships prompts me to offer the highest possible recommendation. Some specifics: 1) The quality of his product met or exceeded our requirements. 2) The scheduling was prompt and courteous. 3) The consideration of my employers need for privacy was maintained. 4) The pricing was always fair and reasonable. 5) The product was delivered in a timely and professional manner. It is my pleasure to make this recommendation for such a proficient and talented individual. Do not hesitate to take advantage of Leo’s skills and expertise in the field of forensic aerial and ground imaging!!

DN, Chief of Staff

Leo is one of a kind. One of the most brilliant people I know, and of course, very personable and focused on providing what the client needs. He is never afraid to take risks and, unfailingly, will surprise you with unbelievable insight that challenges you every time. Whatever assignment you hand to him, you will always walk away with way more value than you paid for!

CB, PE, Principal

I say this with the utmost sincerity – Leo has to be one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Whatever his involvement, whether it be a project, a conversation or business relationship, Leo adds depth and flavor! Anyone who has had the honor of doing business with him, realizes the benefits in doing so. Its amazing that a man with his talent and contribution can still stay so humble!

DF, Director, Corporate Development

Leo is an amazing professional and to say that “he is outstanding in his field” is an understatement! I have had the privilege of working with Leo off and on throughout the last ten years both professionally and personally. He is extremely detail oriented in his work and never misses an opportunity for a teaching moment. When we first met, I was working as a Marking Manager for a large Commercial Development Firm and Leo took all of our aerial photographs. Working together we created “wall size” banners and posters of all of the projects for our trade show booths. Leo, being a Photoshop expert, took the time to not only ensure that my files were the correct size, color, resolution etc., but also taught me about WHY it really mattered. Much of the work product I produce today is of top shelf quality because Leo was willing to take the time to educate me, as his customer…as well as produce a top rated product. Integrity like that, is rare in today’s workforce! Additionally, Leo and I have worked on non-profit projects together. Leo never misses an opportunity to help out the local community. Without hesitation and at only a moments notice, he has come to the rescue with printing and advice on countless occasions for projects I have worked on associated with United Way, the American Heart Association and my local church. It is a privilege to be able to work with a professional like Leo and I can recommend him without hesitation.

ET, Assistant to (Municipal) Chief of Staff

I have worked with Leo on a number of occasions and consider him to be a consummate professional with the highest skills and integrity. I truly have enjoyed our working relationship and the get it done attitude Leo brings to the work effort.

KT, JD, Managing Member

It is my personal pleasure and professional duty to highly recommend Leo Geis for his absolutely well recognized status as a true “guru” of all things related to Photoshop, Flash Animation and/or forensic photographic expertise.

Leo’s extensive knowledge is only exceeded by his willingness to share his knowledge with his peers in the Professional Aerial Photographers Association (PAPA) through numerous technical seminar presentations and individual consultation.

All of Leo’s knowledge and expertise is available to his clients who couldn’t find a better option for any of their technical aerial or ground based photographic projects or forensic evaluation.

DW, Principal

Leo is surely the most technically proficient Photoshop artist I know. His work with aerial and ground photography is spectacular – he makes already fantastic imagery appear even moreso without going ‘over the top’.

Leo is also a frequent contributor to the Professional Aerial Photographer’s Association’s on-line discussion group and has lectured on complex Photoshop concepts at their national conferences.

CW, President, Certified Master Aerial Photographer

There is a reason why we hire Leo over and over again. He knows the industry, his equipment is the best, and he continues to impress with each photograph he takes for us. Leo takes the time to understand our needs, and has the skills to deliver. On top of that, he is just a great person to work with.

KD, Marketing Coordinator

Leo is a rare find in the world of photography and interactive media in that his skill sets are so diverse it is hard to speak to them all in short form.

As an aerial photographer his experience is difficult to match-anywhere. He handles his assignments with a relaxed professionalism that only comes to one who has the benefit of years of experience. His shots always surpass expectations.

EN, Owner

Leo is personable, very knowledgeable, and creative. It is fun working with Leo because you get terrific results and learn as you go along.

CC, General Manager

Leo is one of those few people that you meet that just “knows it.” He is highly technical, yet can speak to any language, personable, and just totally well rounded. I can always count on Leo to go above and beyond on assignments, and never have to worry about deliverables. His knowledge of color and composition and ability to translate that into compelling works of art surpass any other talent that I have come across in the industry. Every opportunity that is appropriate will pass through Leo due to his deep commitment to his creator, his professionalism, and his commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

JP, MS New Media, General Manager

I have been in the film and videography business for many years and have had the privilege to work with many talented people. Leo is the Best of the Best! Leo has taken his God given talent and through continued and disciplined study remains at the top of his field. The projects I have hired Leo on have proven to be among the most challenging locations for aerial photography, with the most demanding deadlines. He ALWAYS comes through, and his photographs are spot on. He is also one of the nicest guys I have come to know. Leo is one those people that makes me want to find clients that need his services just so I have the opportunity to work with him again.

JR, Owner

I have worked with Leo for several years. Leo is very community minded and generous. Over the years we have had a need for Leo’s services many times, and I have been constantly amazed by his responsiveness and attention to detail. I can always count on Leo to deliver what we need, on time or early, with an attitude of “Happy to help!”.


I am pleased to recommend Leo Geis for aerial photography and media presentations that are eye-popping and of the highest quality. I’ve known Leo for over a decade and have worked with him closely in the last 5 years on several major projects. Working with Leo is always so enjoyable; he has great presence and professional skills that he delivers in a most pleasant manner.


Leo’s intelligence and technical knowledge blow me away! He is a kind soul who’s fair minded, kind and sharing. Leo is the first to go out of his way to help, always returns a top quality product and thinks ‘way outside the box.’ It’s a pleasure to speak with him, share ideas and concepts and be dazzled by his creative vision. I highly recommend Leo technically, professionally and artistically. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

SH, Director of Flight Operations

Leo is very technically oriented and knows post processing of imagery in depth. An extremely valuable resource to any organization dealing with imagery. A accomplished photographer as well. His latest artistic images are just spectacular.

CW, Owner, Certified Master Aerial Photographer

Leo has been instrumental in the development of our business plans and go to market scenarios enabling us to reach more high caliber clients with better products. Leo’s technical expertise in digital image processing, aerial acquisition and computing systems has been a valuable resource to our aerial and architectural photography operation.

MS, Owner & CTO

It’s impossible to choose just three positive attributes for Leo; his work, integrity and knowledge are unparalleled. Leo’s work is amazing and he goes the extra mile-or five-to deliver quality and help in any way he can.

DM, Marketing & Legal Manager

I have known Leo as a member of the Professional Aerial Photographers Assoc. for a few years. His demonstrations of his knowledge of Photoshop at our conferences is outstanding! With his excellent photography skills you will always be pleased with his results.

LB, Regional Director, Professional Photographers Association, Intl.

(Leo) Geis will hold your ears and eyes hostage. He is a value-add thinker with hyper-sensitivity to high quality. You will be happy you selected his firm.

GP, Ph. D., CEO

Leo Geis is a forthright, generous, talented, and trustworthy person and his business reflects his high personal integrity and his technical abilities. I first met Leo when his company was a business partner and also a donor to our non-profit media provider organization. Thru the years since, he has continued to demonstrate those important characteristics and his business has grown commensurately. It is a pleasure and privilege to offer my highest recommendation for Leo Geis and Idaho Airships.

IS, Senior VP, Operations

Leo is energetic, professional, and honest. I would never hesitate to work with him again.

CS, PE, President

Leo is an excellent example of a highly competent entrepreneur possessing excellent ethics and a desire to “do the right thing.”

DG, Principal

Meet with Leo for just a few minutes and you’ll be impressed with his integrity, easy going demeanor and sense of humor. Look at his work and you’ll be awestruck at his talent, technical abilities and intelligence.

Leo is so giving and selfless that it makes you wonder if he’s always like that. I’ve known him for over a decade and can honestly say he’s the genuine article. He really is a stand-up guy that you’d be glad to do business with.

BO, Principal, Director of Marketing

Leo has always provided my organization with an unmatched expertise. I trust him and have never been disappointed. I give him five stars and two thumbs up!

JB, Principal

I have never known a photographer who is as concerned with and expert in the mechanics of photography. His knowledge of how the digital image is created and manipulated is superior to anyone else I know in the photography business. On top of that, he is the consummate professional who consistently goes the extra mile on projects and always does it with a smile. I could not give a higher recommendation for Leo and his work. I will continue to seek his services and expertise and wholeheartedly support your decision to seek him as well.

JM, BA Photography, Staff Photojournalist

While supporting the marketing function of a commercial real estate company, I contracted Leo’s services on a number of occasions. When it comes to securing aerial photography, you need someone who is dependable and professional. Leo meets both of those criteria, hands down.

JB, Director of Marketing

His pictures of Boise State indoor football practice field won awards and used on some of our corporate advertising, seen throughout the USA. He is a very professional business owner and enjoyable to work with!

DB, Owner