Leo A. Geis, Principal at Idaho Airships, Inc. of Boise has been seated as a member of the United States Department of Commerce’s (USDOC) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Organizational Scientific Advisory Committees (OSAC) for Video and Imaging Technology and Analysis.

Portrait of Leo A. Geis, Principal Scientist, Idaho Airships, Inc.
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NIST is one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories, having been established by Congress in 1901. NIST provides expertise in various sciences dedicated to enhancing the United States’ economic competitive posture and integrity.

OSAC-as part of the USDOC’s Forensic Science Program-is specifically purposed to develop discipline-specific forensic science protocols and standards for NIST.

Geis provides the OSAC with expertise in ocular physiology and neurology, color science, and applied thermodynamics; sciences related by their common involvement with light energy and manipulation (photonics).

Geis’ foci include the admissibility and veracity of visual evidence (photography, videography, thermography, etc.) in forensics and litigation, the substandard implementation of imaging and remote sensing within governmental echelons, and human visual performance expectations in various anomalous situations such as traffic accidents and personal injuries.

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Expertise: Defensible extreme-specification forensic and research LiDAR (LASER Scanning) and thermographics, near-infrared & visible band imagery (photography, videography, time lapse, macro- and microphotography & video). Environmental controversies including water temperatures, geotechnics, and erosion volumetrics, architectural illumination. Construction, engineering, and craning operations and incidents. Color management, color science, and human visual acuity relevant to litigation. Certified Level II (Advanced) and Level III (Master, Managerial) Thermographer; FLIR Infrared Training Center. Certified Terrestrial LiDAR operator; theory, planning, and data interpretation; FARO Technologies, GmbH. Certified Aerial Photographer (Professional Aerial Photographers Association, International). Certified Master Aerial Photographer (Professional Aerial Photographers Association, International: one of ~50 to ever receive the award as of 7/18). OSHA 30 Certified (General Industry). Adobe Certified Expert: Photoshop (CS4, CS5, CS6, CC). Adobe Certified Expert: Premiere Pro (CS6, CC). Adobe Certified Expert: Flash Professional (CS5, CS6, CC). Adobe Certified Expert: Web Specialist (CS6). Adobe Certified Expert: Video Specialist (CS6, CC; 1 of 105 in the world as of 7/18). (Inactive) Member, Professional Advisory Board, Stevens-Henager College. (Inactive) Moderator for Adobe's online Photoshop, Premiere, & Flash forums. (Inactive) Lecturer, Law Seminars International.

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